The Happiness Quest

Defining happiness may be as challenging as experiencing it, but what is happiness in the modern world and how can it be measured? Wealth, marital status, beliefs, sense of belonging, health, children, friends, family? Some may argue that material objects make them happy; a new car, larger television, bigger house, travelling the world. It seems to be human nature to assume that in order to achieve happiness we first must obtain some ‘thing’; a new job, more money, a partner or children; however, this is an endless quest that will leave us forever unsatisfied and searching for external contributors to bring about inner happiness.

I like to think that happiness is a choice. A choice we can make every minute of our lives. We can choose to be happy by being genuinely grateful for our current circumstances and instead of focusing on what we want, focus on what we already have. Quantum physics has proven that thoughts are made up of matter and therefore proving the “what you think about you bring about” adage to have creditability, with this knowledge thinking positive thoughts seems the only logical decision for one to make.

So why is this so difficult? This is both an empowering and scary theory as if accepted, it would mean taking responsibility for our experience of life. Humans can tend to play the victim in life and outsource any responsibility for feelings of misery, or perhaps our happiness was just blocked from such a young age that we no longer have the ability to experience it.

These negative subconscious programs, that were often placed in our minds from a young age, would account for the epidemic of stress, depression, anxiety and addiction in our culture and give reason to why, in a world when we have access to everything, many people are still unable to experience any extended period of happiness.

If happiness is a state of mind, then is it integral that we uncover our deep-seated unconscious programming and beliefs and release these old limiting belief systems to have the opportunity to experience true joy and happiness in this lifetime.

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Jodee Marques

Holistic Health & Wellbeing

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