Lesson Learnt – The Power of becoming “Unstuck” & Graduating from Dysfunctional "Tribal" Patterns

Over the years working with thousands of my students and clients I have discovered one thing to be true in nearly every instance; we all experience patterns in our lives and it is these patterns that create feelings of being stuck, frustration, anger and over time, resentment. Think about your life; have you ever found yourself thinking “why do I always attract the same sort of relationship?”, “why do people always overlook me?”, “why am I always left out?”, “why can’t I make as much money” or “things never work out for me”; you can identify your “pattern thinking” when you notice the word “always” appearing in your thoughts or sentences.

The truth of the matter is this; if you feel that things are “always” happening TO you then you can rest assured you are stuck in an unconscious block or pattern. The majority of the time, these cycles can be chased back to your early childhood experiences and in reality, even further back through your ancestral line; this is what I call “Tribal Patterning”.

Tribal patterning is the experiences, beliefs and patterns that run through family’s generation after generation, these can be seen in relationships and often are displayed though; finances, betrayal, abuse, abandonment, addiction etc. You can identify your Tribal Patterning by reflecting upon what similar experiences you have had in your life that has been reflective of your parents’ experiences, and it is likely that if you track back this pattern would have been present within your Grandparents, your Great-Grandparents and as way back as you can trace your ancestral line.

The cause of this is 2-fold;

  1. For the most part we raise our children as we were raised (I term this Unconscious Parenting) therefore our children inherit our beliefs, behaviours, bias and tolerance to accept or not accept certain situations or experiences hence the chance of attracting and repeating these experiences is high!

  2. Secondly and leading on from the first point, as magnets for change we tend to attract certain people, places and experiences to us to facilitate or replicate our childhood trauma and therefore providing the perfect “storm in a teacup” to heal our past or our “Tribal Wounds”

I acknowledge that this can be hard to swallow, and that you might have thoughts coming up like “why would I ever have attracted that terrible situation into my life”, I say this in complete love; trust me, on an energetic and subconscious level, you did! Not because you are a sadist or would ever consciously choose to experience any of the traumatic incidents that you have but because on a sub-conscious level (the place that was shaped by your care-givers in your youth) these situations presented to offer you the opportunity to heal the past by consciously changing how you respond in the present and learning the “lesson”.

When we chose to learn the lesson, we heal for all of the generations that went before us and for all of the generations to come. We heal by first, becoming conscious of the pattern, the simple knowledge is powerful and secondly, by taking inspired action to break, change or interrupt the pattern, it is at this time that you will realise that every experience you have had in your life has happened FOR you, not TO you.

This is breaking free from the patterns of our past, this is EMPOWERMENT...

I wish I could tell you that every step of this process would feel magical but the reality is, some of this work is deep, dark and well protected by your psyche. A wonderful mentor of mine once told me when working though my own "stuff", “discomfort is the currency of change”, denial can often feel less scary than recognising and taking action to change because the very foundations of who you are and what you believe about life rests in these patterns.

This is why I recommend working with a coach, counsellor or trusted mentor if you truly desire deep and long-lasting change, this is an area of expertise for me and working one on one with people to identify and release themselves from these blocks is my life-purpose.

If you would like to read more about these topics you can refer to my other blog pieces or get in touch for your FREE DISCOVERY SESSION to see how I can help you shift your reality.

For those that came before us and for those that will follow – rise up.

Bright blessings Jodee xx


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