Decoding Your Souls Plan for Your Life

You may have heard the statement, "we are souls having a human experience" but what does this really mean? In my holistic model of health care, I analyse all elements of the human condition; emotional, physical and spiritual, this is what differentiates me from a standard talk therapist and it is, quite simply, the definition of Holistic Counselling. Whilst people are generally comfortable discussing their physical and emotional experiences, I do sense a natural reluctance from most people in exploring or understanding the spiritual influence on our existence. When we are ready to consider and accept the impact that the element of spirit has on our lives we are ready for transformational healing and personal growth.

Whilst I have always had a passion for science and psychotherapy, this has always been largely complemented by my personal connection to my spiritual belief system, which has developed over many decades of self exploration. I share this deep truth in a hope to inspire and/or awaken a higher knowledge that perhaps you might also have resting within you, but I also respect that this may not be true for everyone and so I ask you to read with an open mind and heart to my philosophic perspective.

One thing I know for sure is that hardship within the human experience is inevitable. Human beings are an egotistical breed, always expecting positive experiences with intolerance in the negative. However, our greatest lessons often come from our greatest hardship and whilst we can often fall victim to the 'negative' experiences in our lives, what if I told you that it was these not so good experiences that were really key to our spiritual evolution...

All challenging experiences shift us into a slightly different version of ourselves, however when we learn to view our lives contextually (instead of falling victim to our pain) we can recognise patterns of behaviour, relationships, abuse, trauma, addiction and core beliefs that are integral to our souls evolution. What if, before each lifetime, our soul made a plan before incarnating onto this planet, setting out some external dimensions for our life such as parents, birth place, health, relationships etc all divinely orchestrated to provide the perfect scene for us to learn a set of pre-determined lessons that we needed to overcome.

  • What if, our higher selves invited all of the major players in our lives to play their roles just as we play a series of roles within their lives, creating a contract as such of how we will support, challenge and hurt each other?

  • What if the people that cause us the most pain are our biggest teachers who have agreed to play a part and aid in our hardship to facilitate our personal growth and development?

  • What if when we incarnate, we forget the higher plan and have the opportunity to live our lives from a space of free will?

  • What if our soul has created this divine life plan in order to provide us with the opportunity to master a selected set of lessons to learn, wounds to heal and karmic circumstances to balance?

  • What if it all has a higher meaning?

On the journey of rediscovering our purpose, we can get caught up in the emotional pain of our external dimensions and often miss the wisdom that our experiences offer. This is where we can become stuck, build resistance, anger, frustration, blame and fall into negative patterns of behaviour such as addiction. However, when we begin to walk a path of awakening, we can start to view our lives contextually, recognising the negative patterns of behaviour that pertain to our souls innate desire for evolution. When we become conscious of the 'bigger picture' we are blessed with a perspective to view life's challenges as lessons or opportunities for growth and, although this knowledge unfortunately won't eliminate the pain and suffering that often comes along with many of our human experiences, it can provide an immense sense of reassurance along the way.

Learning to see the challenges of life through a spiritual lens vaporises victimhood and moves us from a space of feeling like 'life is happening to us' to a space of 'life is happening for us' which is a much more liberating and empowering existence. Understanding the nature of the soul creates perspective and purpose around our life events and hopefully eases the pain of hardship.

When we understand the higher meaning, we live in a space of faith and not fear, we dive into our experiences always searching for the lesson as we are aware that avoiding the learning simply elongates the pain. We seek objectively to understand the pattern, complete the lesson, healing from the experience taking another step toward fulfilling our life purpose.

To put it simply;

  1. The spirit or soul predetermines the circumstances required to evolve the soul within the lifetime

  2. The soul incarnates into the human experience but loses the memory of the higher purpose therefore we commence a journey of discovery

  3. The human experiences the hardship because its the best way to inspire growth and facilitate change (through mind and body experiences)

  4. Hopefully we are able to identify/contextualise our experiences and learn the lesson by changing patterns of behaviour to heal, evolve and awaken

  5. Graduating from a lesson informs the soul that we are ready for our next lesson

  6. Once we have met the purpose of our predetermined life we return to source

Holding this belief system turns randomness into coherence and sheds light on the wounds that you are here to heal. It allows you to search deeper for your purpose and live your life with passion and power.

You are ultimately the Architect of your own life and whilst you don't always have the full set of plans visible to you, you can trust in the wisdom that they are there and continue to build from a place of trust and higher knowing that every step along the way is feeding into your souls evolution.

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