I believe that everybody is deserving and has the inner ability to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life in their natural state however sometimes we get lost within our personal experiences and it can feel like we are unable to move forward.


In my experience, I have found, that traditional therapy often focuses on the “problems” and provides tools to manage the physical, mental and emotional side effects of our trauma.  Although useful, this type of treatment is often ongoing for long periods of time and although the client is taught to manage their emotions more effectively they rarely get down to releasing the core of the issue.  


I have drawn upon my training and qualifications to develop a range of therapeutic services including Holistic Counselling & Empowerment Coaching that will assist you to identify the route cause of your unhappiness, strategically facilitate healing, release subconscious blocks and empower you to live your life with more joy.   


My face to face coaching programs are offered personally tailored to your unique circumstances to ignite your spirit and provide emotional freedom.


My intensive workshops and retreats provide a supportive group environment to educate and up skill you in a variety of areas including parenting, addiction, managing stress & anxiety and nurturing healthy relationships. 


Life is a journey and change is inevitable, we all need support along the way to navigate the windy path of our own experience and find inner peace & happiness.


If you would like to awaken your potential, release your fear and have the courage to pursue your dreams contact me today.

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