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  • Where is your clinic located?
    My clinic is located within Block A of the Erindale Business Park at 4 Lansell Street Wanniassa. You will see blue & white graphics on the external window of my clinic to your left as you drive into the complex and you can enter through that external door. If I am with another client there will be a sign up requesting that you please wait you otherwise you can come straight in. I also offer online sessions for clients anywhere in the world (noting English is my language)
  • How long are appointments?
    A standard appointment is 50 minutes, half sessions (25 minutes) are also available for young people under <12 years of age. Longer sessions are available if required.
  • Can I see you under a Mental Health Care Plan?
    No, unfortunately Counselling for individuals, families or couples is not currently rebated under the Australian Mental Health Care Plan scheme so you will be required to pay for the service you receive. If you have private health cover you may be eligible for rebate for counselling services. If you live in Australia and have a mental health disorder, you can make an appointment to see a Doctor for a Mental Health Assessment and if appropriate they may provide you with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) which will allow you to claim a proportion of fees for a set number of sessions for seeing an authorised provider (such as a Psychologist). Each Psychologist under the scheme sets their own fees and Medicare only covers a proportion so it's likely you will still have to pay a gap seeing a therapist under a MHCP. For example: The APS National Schedule of Recommended Fees in 2022-2023 for a 40-60 minute session is $280. Under a MHCP you may be able to claim back a rebate of $131.65 for a Clinical Psychologist or $89.65 for a Registered Psychologist for a 50+ minute session. $280-$89.65 = client pays a gap of $190.35 to see a Registered Psychologist or $148.35 to see a Clinical Psychologist (please note these figures are an example only and it is recommended that you contact a registered provider under the MHCP scheme to confirm costs to access services as it will vary) There are benefits for seeing a therapist privately which includes unlimited sessions, access to a wider range of therapeutic modalities and often shorter waiting periods to access support. There may also be a range of free emergency mental health support services available in your local area so if finances are an issue please make contact with local health providers to maximise your safety.
  • Do I need a referral from a Doctor to see you?
    No, you do not need a referral from a doctor to access my services.
  • Can I claim my appointment fees under my Private Health cover?
    Yes, I am registered as a Counsellor with the following private health funds: Medibank (provider#A018241A) AHM (provider#21221440) ARHG (previously Police Health Fund) Teachers Union Health St Luke's Health Pheonix Health Emergency Services Health A tax invoice is provided for every appointment with provider details listed, you can submit this invoice to your funds to claim a rebate if Counselling is covered within your plan.
  • Do you offer online appointments?
    Yes, I offer online sessions via Zoom.
  • Do you work with couples?
    Yes, I work with couples within a Coaching/Holistic Counselling model.
  • What do I do if I can't attend my scheduled appointment?
    When you make an appointment we set aside time in our limited calendar just for you. If you can't attend your appointment we just ask that you provide 48 hours notice as that we can offer your appointment to another client. You can make changes to your appointment online via our booking site or by contacting Jodee directly on 0430 192 729. Please refer to our Fee Policy & Cancellation for more information about cancellation fees.
  • What do I do if I am unwell?
    If you are unwell we would prefer you don't attend our session in person and will offer you an appointment via zoom instead. We ask that you provide as much notice as possible if this is the case.
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